Thursday, 27 December 2012

Hmmm - what happened to December?

So, Journal Your Christmas was a flop for me this year - December just came and went!  So, our Christmas memories will end up on a few layouts instead ;0)

However, I'm definitely on track for Project Life 2013 - my wonderful family have bought me the Turquoise Album & Core Kit for Christmas, and I have page protectors, dividers and textured cardstock on order for my birthday.  I'm also about to treat myself to some photo templates and overlays so I'll be all set for January 1st!

I'm currently pondering which (if any) workshops to do this year.  I'm seriously considering the Photoshop Friday 2012 collection from Jessica Sprague - especially as it is currently reduced to $24! and possibly Ali Edward's One Little Word 2013 - I have chosen FOCUS as my word, but not sure whether to do the actual workshop or not - watch this space for a decision (I hope lol).

Well, off to play with some photos from Christmas - I may be gone some time lol.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

2013 is RAPIDLY approaching ....

... and with it the start of a new project - Project Life.  I have asked Santa for a whole raft of stash from Becky Higgins' Project Life range - something I've wanted to do for a while but never really got round to sorting out.  New Year 2012 brought the brainwave of doing a Project 365 album - yeah, that went well!  I think I managed to take a photo each day up until around January 9th.  So, I'm not putting so much pressure on myself with PL.  It will be a sporadic record of the everyday life of our family - the ups, downs, special moments and some of the mundane - but it won't be a daily thing.  Some days will have lots of photos and journalling, some maybe one photo and a journal card,  and others - nothing at all!  It will be something that evolves over time - and will hopefully give us a special album of memories for 2013.

To get into practice, I'm joining Shimelle and the gang for Journal Your Christmas again this year.  The plan it to keep it digital, as I have no space at the moment to physically scrap.

With these new projects comes a new blog - hopefully I'll be a bit better at keeping this one up to date lol.